People in stitches over neighbour’s ‘very polite’ complaint over loud TV


While some people have a great relationship with their neighbours, others choose to completely ignore them. People have been left in stitches after a person penned a “very polite” complaint to their neighbour asking them to turn their TV down during weekday evenings.

The “true neighbourly British complaint” has been shared on Reddit by user JHXVE – and has racked in more than 45,000 upvotes and almost 900 comments. The letter reads: “Hello neighbour. Sounds like you have a good TV system setup which sounds great, but would it be possible to lower the volume during weekdays late evenings as the bass really does travel. Weekends go for it! Thanks for understanding.”

While most users couldn’t help but laugh at the polite request, others urged the neighbour to “play nice” because there’s a “great person living on the other side of the wall”.

One user said: “Seem pretty decent. Invite them over for a movie night, then you can have it loud and they won’t mind.”

Another user added: “That’s an awesome neighbour you have, play nice, we all have different work and sleep patterns.”

A third user said: “If you’re thinking of complaining to your neighbours, this is how you should do it.”

It comes after a woman uncovered a handy note from her previous homeowners when redecorating her new home.

Underneath the 1990s wallpaper was a small note detailing how many rolls she would need when she comes to redecorate the room.

It reads: “If you ever need to wallpaper this room again, it will take eight rolls of wallpaper. I bought just six rolls at £17 per roll on 5/12/97 and I didn’t have enough. It really p***ed me off. Jon 21/12/97.”

However, the note raised questions amongst Reddit users who wanted to know “what kind of man puts up wallpaper four days before Christmas”.

One user said: “Maybe his girlfriend or boyfriend was the type to make poor Jon slave away redecorating just four days before Christmas when he should have been drinking beer.”

Another user joked: “Hoping for two more rolls from Father Christmas?”

One more user added: “Someone who needs to prove that their life is together before the judgmental hoard of Christmas visitors arrive?”