‘I put my toilet brush in the dishwasher – pals are disgusted but I don’t see the issue’


We all have our own standards when to comes to housework. Some of us are content to dust around the edges, while others go to greater efforts and do a deep clean, reaching places that never see the light.

One woman has sparked controversy after admitting that she puts her toilet brush in the dishwasher to clean it. She doesn’t see what the issue is and thinks it’s a great way to get the cleaning tool squeaky clean, but her method has left one of her friends horrified.

Taking to Mumsnet to ask for people’s opinions on her cleaning hack, the anonymous woman wrote: “I clean my toilet brush in dishwasher every few months. I just put the brush and holder in, on their own, on a hot wash and they come out like new.”

The woman had no idea that the method would cause such a stir, until her friend came over and spotted her habit.

“A friend popped by this morning for coffee, and I opened the dishwasher to get out a couple of mugs, forgetting that I had put the toilet items in last night.”

“She totally freaked out, saying this is totally disgusting, and re-washed the mugs I had then taken out from the cupboard AND poured boiling water on them before she would allow me to make her coffee!!”

Stuck on whether she’d done something wrong, she asked the forum: “Was my friend being unreasonable? The mugs and loo brush were washed in separate loads!! The items are all clean”.

It seems as though the woman’s friend wasn’t the only person who is grossed out by the cleaning habit, as plenty of Mumsnet users took to the comments section to share their dismay.

One person dubbed the woman’s actions as “Utterly rank,” while another said “That is absolutely disgusting. I don’t care how hygienic it is, just NO”.

Others tried to get their heads around it, as one Mumsnet user said: “Well I suppose all the muck would be rinsed and drained away but it still sounds gross!”

One commenter took the woman’s side, writing: “It’s fine. My ex-partner used to do the same. We’re both still alive. And still friends.”

Another Mumsnet user pointed something else out that may convince the woman otherwise, as they said: “You do realise the first rinse in the dishwasher is recycled water? So you are washing your pots in poo”.